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From Jazz Sampling To Drill Sounds

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Various Flavors Out Of Chicago

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Chicago has made Hip Hop to its own flavor. Chicago Loop is a show dedicated to the Chicago Loop Scene that has various styles such as East Coast, with its jazz and soul based sampling as well the modern Drill Sound.

At the same time, other Chicago artists embraced West Coast production, with its funky, synth-driven instrumentation. Eventually, artists like Twista, Do or Die, Crucial Conflict, Triple Darkness, Snypaz and Psychodrama put their own twist on West Coast instrumentation, adding double-time high hat patterns, and, in what would become Chicago’s first, home-grown, and immediately recognizable “style”, rapping in double or triple time over the funky, synth-driven beats.

Chicago hip hop’s embrace of eclectic regional styles was also reflected in (and probably influenced by) the playlists of local hip hop radio stations, which gave West Coast, East Coast, and especially southern hip hop equal consideration.

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