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It all started in Jamaica, where DJ S-One was born.

His father recounts the antics of S-One as a toddler, which engraved the start of musical greatness. At a tender age, S-One would take his fathers 45 and 12” records, manually spin them and hold his ear close so that he could hear the music. His father was no stranger to music himself, owning several pieces of sound equipment and building custom speaker boxes.  In an effort to save his vinyl, S-One’s father would change the labels on his favorite Bob Marley and The Wailers records but it was in vain as baby S-one didn’t fall for it and would manually spin them anyway.

In the 90’s S-One moved from Jamaica to Canada and shortly after got involved in Hip-Hop culture; there was no turning back after that.  He became a Hip-Hop dancer, competing in his Co-Op community in Malvern.  After moving to Markham, S-One’s interest moved from dancer to MC.  He linked up with fellow MC’s and performed for his schools events. One of his first major events was held at his high school, “Egzotica Talent Show” with over 1000 people in attendance. His performance exhilarated the crowd, leading to a standing ovation and an encore performance at the Egzotica appreciation party.

However, the true calling for DJ S-One was playing and making music. Starting from basement parties, BBQs and school dances, he eventually climbed his way to the nightclubs via DJ J.C. of the Sunshine Sound Crew, who also helped mold his mixing skills and increase his knowledge of the club scene.

After perfecting his DJ-ing craft he took his skills to the next level by doing various concerts for artists such as T.I., Nelly, T.Pain, Wu Tang Clan, Shalli, Kranium, Fetty Wap, Sean Paul and Robbie G to name a few.

Currently S-One resides in Southern Ontario where he is a staple in Guelph, Kitchener, Brantford and Cambridge.

As a DJ, S-One feels his job is to be able to provide a temporary escape and ultimately a therapy in the form of music. His passion for music shows in the hunger and response of his crowd. He was born to do this.

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 Shouts out to Empress Arlana (egzotica talent show), Nine (CEO Marvelous Music), Jahnny Scorchy (Artist, Marvelous Music), DJ Mixmastermind, Nitro-Eva-Hype, Air Blaq, Blax dun da place, S-Man (Supa Loaded), Jus 1, Newby (Rebeltone), DJ JC, DJ Magik Trix (Dryll Squad), DJ Dred e Maximum (Dryll Squad) and Andrea Moffat (DiversityEnt).  If I forgot you, nuh watch nuttin, jus gwan big up yourself uzeet a wi a dweet – Oh yeah, shout out to Playmode Media, you already know.

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