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O’Deriic Singing from the early age of six, O’Deriic has been singing most of his young life. This has given him the opportunity to grow into his voice and continually reinvent his sound. Having roots in St Vincent and New York have lent unique signatures to this power house’s sound: O’Deriic who is now based […]

YSN FAB Rapper / Singer / Songwriter YSN Fab is a globally celebrated artist representing Winnipeg, Manitoba.Although he is fairly new to his craft, YSN Fab has now bloomed into a world-class songwriter that has taken the music industry by storm. Fab’s musical talent speaks for itself, but it is his ability to take his […]

Cameron Montgomery Prince. (born January 24th, 1990), better known by his stage name Montè Biggz, is a Canadian rapper. At the age of 11, Montè began writing raps as a past time, his love for the genre of music grew throughout high school as he honed his skills and talent. In 2011 Montè Biggz created […]

CoobieTheKid, 21 year old from Sarnia, Ontario, personality bemoan the growing Emo Rap sound in Hip Hop. The Canadian born artist enjoys how New School Rap has a more punk sound than Old School Hip Hop. Since the tender age of 10, CoobieTheKid fell in love with music creating covers of popular tunes and practicing […]


J NEAT This week’s Spotlight Artist is @jneat2x out of Toronto Ont., here is his recent single #houliganflow. Check out his latest video below 🔥🔥🔥 #newmusic#localartist#canadianmusic#torontomusic#entertainmentindustry#ApexxRadio

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