TT TT is a upcoming Canadian rapper/singer and songwriter from London Ontario.  At age 20, he dropped his first single “Ten Down” TT is trying to make a name for himself and his team “Black Dreams ENT.” Here is the link to his single “Ten Down,” While speaking with him for this feature, it looks […]

L KEY   L key is a rapper who hails from the greater Toronto area. He’s always had a passion for music, poetry and storytelling. He started rapping at the early age of 9 and then began  making his own beats due to the lack of notable producers in Toronto at that time. He released […]

Haviah Mighty     Haviah Mighty didn’t need to change her birth name when she decided to dedicate her career to music. Mighty could not better describe Haviah’s craft of provocative challenges and uncompromising truths. Based out of Toronto, Haviah has spent a lifetime developing her skills as a songwriter, vocalist, producer, and performer culminating […]

RaytheNihilist   Known by his stage name RaytheNihilist,  Ray is a 23-year-old Blackfoot First Nations Hip Hop artist based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Ray began his career in after wanting something different from his earlier music endeavors. After years of being in bands & writing songs Ray became captivated with the poetic stylings found […]

NG     Nick Gooden, stage name NG, A London Ontario native, born and raised right here! NG makes music to connect with his inner emotions and to articulate things that he may not get a chance to during a regular conversation with someone. His dream is to make this a career one day and […]

99AP   Austin Pagnotta, CEO/Artist under Generation 99 Inc.  Believe it or not the now Hip Hop / Rap Artist, 99AP, started his Adult Life in Western University wanting to become a Sociologist. After only 1 year he realized that wasn’t the route intended for him.           In the year 2017  he began seriously […]

JUNK His name is Junk but he ain’t no garbage clown rapper. This man has been surrounded by music from before the cradle. Knowing him means he is rapping to his dying day in a hail of rapid-fire lyrics. His mother followed the emerging punk scene to the streets of London. Round the same time, […]

Blessed Blessed was born in the small parish of St. Thomas,Jamaica, island. From an early age he exhibited musical talent, first for family and friends, soon followed by appearances in school sponsored musical dramas and the church choir. By the time blessed immigrated to Canada at the age of twelve, he was already writing his […]

Scrap Gang ScrapGang is a music group from Toronto, Canada and consists of three members: Freeze, KG, and Bingy. These brothers have been in the music scene since they were little kids with the passion, creativity, and drive to take over the rap industry. ScrapGang is a force to be reckoned with. This proves true […]

King Cruff Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, King Cruff credits being surrounded by the local culture and music to have had a profound influence on his musical ambitions. The alluring energy of reggae and dancehall music would inspire him for years, but it was his personal fondness for hip-hop music that would lead him to write. He started […]

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