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Written by on May 4, 2021



L key is a rapper who hails from the greater Toronto area. He’s always had a passion for music, poetry and storytelling. He started rapping at the early age of 9 and then began ┬ámaking his own beats due to the lack of notable producers in Toronto at that time. He released his first single “Understand me” in 2010 which was self produced where he spoke about struggle and the different reasons people turn to crime in order to feed their families. This song got strong reviews and he went on to perform this song in different venues throughout Toronto. However due to personal issues, he took a hiatus from the music scene. Never losing sight of his gift and his passion for music, he returned to the music scene in 2018 and dropped a series of singles “catch me slippin”, “Sh*t is real” and “northside” to name a few. All these songs especially “northside” received strong reviews. Saying focused on his craft, he started his independent label “Chief status Entertainment” and continued dropping sin. His latest album “When The Dust Settles Vol 1” dropped April 27th 2021, check out his latest single “Bout Mine.”



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