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Written by on January 19, 2021



Austin Pagnotta, CEO/Artist under Generation 99 Inc. 

Believe it or not the now Hip Hop / Rap Artist, 99AP, started his Adult Life in Western University wanting to become a Sociologist. After only 1 year he realized that wasn’t the route intended for him. 

         In the year 2017  he began seriously pursuing a career in music, dropping his first singles Hall of Fame and Impatient. In 2019 he opened up for familiar Artists to the city of Toronto by the names of Pressa, Yung Tory, JNeat etc.

          During the years of 2019-2020 99AP began a streak of releasing music weekly, he would often travel back and forth to the studio with upcoming Producer Catch 22 Beats. This marked the start of an everlasting passion for making music. He started investing his time in routine trips to Toronto working through Studio 365 owned by Blue Feather Records Management. 99 then came across Ivan Albery Powell A&R/Owner for Great Music Agency who works with well known artists from the likes of Young Thug, to Lil Duke, Pressa and the Late Houdini. After years of hard work and dedication to the craft he found his sound, and the EMPIRE was born.

          ‘Generation 99 Inc.’ is his Family, his Empire in which he cherishes very much. It is an upcoming Canadian Record Label looking to sign the right pieces that withhold the same traditional values and morals he was raised with in a -Roman Catholic Italian Household. 

‘Generation 99 Inc.’ now sells merchandise and is the Independent Record Label AP will be releasing his music under here forward. Teaming up with Lighter Juice, a group of young upcoming videographers from the City, they recently dropped visuals and his first song under the newly created Label called ‘Lived in Fear’ highlighting the death of Ego & recent Drug Addiction going on in the world produced by Neekz.  

       He has his sights set high for a bright future, with natural confidence at the helm, who can stop him? 

Check out his latest video here,


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