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Written by on November 24, 2020


Singing from the early age of six, O’Deriic has been singing most of his young life. This has given him the opportunity to grow into his voice and continually reinvent his sound. Having roots in St Vincent and New York have lent unique signatures to this power house’s sound: O’Deriic who is now based in Toronto has now added a taste of the city to his repertoire. With a new melodic eccentric sound ranging from Caribbean to Hip Hop/R&B, O’Deriic continues to craft his own sound and place in the music industry. Not only is O’Deriic a vocal power house, taking every opportunity to perform and share his music, he is also a song writer and producer. In addition to being a lyricist, he creates his own melodies and takes an active role in the production of his music. 

O’Deriic’s promo CD “Jigsaw” features two hot singles “Only One” produced by Chad Make-a-Milli and “5 & 0″produced by stokestheenginer. O’Deriic is working hard to get his music across Canada and in the international marketplace. He has participated in such shows like: T-Dots got talent, winning R&B Artist of the year and in The Roc the Mic Competition. O’Deriic has also opened up for legendary artists like Michie Mee & Choclair, to newer notable artists like JD Era and Peter Jackson in Canada, and even American artists like Cameron. Currently O’Deriic is working on finishing his project “wtw aka worth the wait ” and getting set to release his new commercial single ego for sale nationwide. 

Check out his latest single “Onsight” right here.


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