Back to School? Here’s Ontario’s Plan

Written by on September 7, 2020

September is here. Kids are going back to school.

It’s been the same routine year after year for as long as we can all remember but there is something quite different about this year. Yes, a global pandemic. With kids getting set to face a new reality at school, many parents are left to wonder if they are making the right decision sending their children to school and how the schools plan on keeping everyone safe and healthy. It’s possible and some would even say likely there will be cases of infected school kids, maybe an outbreak and some would also argue that with the right plan, the impact of such cases can be limited and the benefits of returning to school far outweigh the risk of further spreading the virus? The question is if and when it happens, will it be your child’s school? Could they bring it home and potentially spread the virus to your younger children, older relatives or even you?

The government of Ontario has put a plan in place that they insist they are confident in, is backed by science and is the best plan for the times. They believe this a feat that can be pulled off safely and successfully as long as we all stick to the plan. Their plan.

Well, we will let you be the judge of that…

Check out Ontario’s back to school plan HERE

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