Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez: What we know about the shooting

Written by on August 22, 2020

Brampton’s own Tory Lanez and Texas native Megan Thee Stallion have been making headlines for the last month. The two were closely involved in an altercation which resulted in Megan being shot in both feet. It has been a whirlwind of rumours and speculations, but here is everything that is known about the incident.

Megan clarifies rumours over feet injuries

On July 15, Megan confirmed that she had suffered gunshot wounds following an incident that took place the previous Sunday (July 12). This announcement came after reports surfaced that the rapper was taken to the hospital to be treated for stepping on broken glass.

Megan did not go into details about what happened before she was shot or even who did it. She did say that the act was “a result of a crime that committed against [her] and done with the intention to physically harm [her]”.

Megan clarifying rumours, and assuring fans that she will be back to work soon enough

The rumour about the broken glass apparently came from a report that also claimed that Tory Lanez was arrested on a concealed weapons charge. It was known from the beginning that Lanez was somehow involved in the shooting, but everything was still speculation.

Tory Lanez investigated as a possible suspect in the shooting

A few weeks after the shooting, Lanez was being treated and investigated as a possible suspect in the crime. An LAPD officer was able to confirm that Lanez was with Megan at the time of the shooting, but it was initially believed that he was not the gunman. At this time, neither Megan nor Lanez had spoken out about who was involved in the shooting.

One of Megan’s producers, however, did send Lanez a (now deleted) message on social media to “count his days”. This cryptic message triggered more stories to spread across the internet.

Celebrity news page, The Neighborhood Talk, sharing a now-deleted tweet from one of Megan’s producers to Lanez

One such story came from rapper and podcast host Adam22. He revealed that he heard from an unnamed but trusted source that Megan and Lanez were at a party hosted by Kylie Jenner before the shooting. The pair of rappers then got into a heated argument. Adam did not say what happened after the party.

Rumours of Lanez being deported back to Canada surface

By early August, there was no denying that Lanez was very closely involved in Megan’s shooting; it is important to keep in mind that the gunman had still not been identified. While Megan and her supporters had been regularly vocal about the incident, Lanez went virtually silent.

Because of his involvement, rumours surfaced that Lanez would be deported back to Canada. A few days after these reports, a representative of Lanez’s made a statement shutting down the deportation rumours. The rep said the disgraced singer was quarantining with his family in Florida, and was in good spirits.

He was even spotted out and about at a McDonald’s in Orlando.

D.A. reviews new assault charge in the case

It was revealed earlier this week that a Los Angeles county’s District Attorney’s office is reviewing a possible felony assault charge against Lanez. A spokesperson from the D.A.’s office stated that the LAPD came forward with a charge for felony assault with a semi-automatic weapon and asked the office to investigate before making a decision against the likely suspect. If this suspect is in fact Lanez, he will likely claim that it was all an accidental shooting.

Possibly in the wake of this news, Megan shared some pictures of her feet taken shortly after the shooting to dispel rumours that she was faking the whole injury. The post has since been removed from Instagram, but in it Megan questioned why people were trying to bring her down.

She also explained that she was injured in the back of her feet because she was walking away when the shots were fired. Megan seems to be on a good path to recovery, as she also wrote that she got her stitches removed about two weeks ago.

Megan names Lanez as her shooter

Yesterday (August 20) on Instagram, Megan finally confirmed that it was, in fact, Tory Lanez who shot her on July 12. Previously, Megan made an effort to not mention the gunman while defending herself on social media over the incident. She was clearly tired of being attacked and hiding the truth, so she spilled it all yesterday.

Megan explained that there was an argument going on between herself and the other passengers in the vehicle she was in just before the shooting. It was late, and while en route to her home, Megan got fed up and left the car. This is apparently when Lanez shot her. (This also dispels rumours that the incident took place at or near Kylie Jenner’s house.)

Megan admitted she should’ve come out with the truth right away instead of trying to protect Lanez’s reputation. She went on to say that she was afraid of her confrontation with the police because of the current political and racial tensions between black people and police officers.

Megan was no doubt hurt that she had to defend herself from attacks on social media and various accusations like that she was being treated for stepping on glass, not bullet wounds, and that she had faked the entire thing.

Lanez has yet to make a comment on the situation, and it is unclear if any legal action will be taken now.

HotNewHipHop shares a compilation of Megan’s videos in which she reveals details over the shooting

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